Parent Testimonials

“Amazing environment for the children. Three of my four kids go to this school and they could not be happier. The staff is amazing and so is the director. I recommend this school to anyone I meet who is looking. Once my youngest is old enough she will attend here as well!”


“Amazing school, wonderful teachers and staff. The director says hi and greets us and stops to chat every time she sees us. All the teachers stop to say hi and interact with the kids, even if that particular kid isn’t in their class. I am only sad because we cannot afford the tuition to send our daughter to Kinder here at Robbin’s Nest, but if we could there would be NO question, she would be there in a heartbeat! This is the best preschool EVER. As soon as my son is old enough he will attend as well.”


“Great school. We love it and our kids love it. The teachers and directors are great! Highly recommend.”


“Great school and great programs! My child loves her teacher at Robbin’s Nest.”


“Make sure you get on the waiting list as soon as the stick turns blue.”


“Fantastic school – I did a lot of research in order to find the right Preschool for my child. The Robbin’s Nest exceeded my expectations. The teachers are amazing and kind and are so eager to have your child learn new things and become independent.”


“The entire staff goes above and beyond making sure they get to know not only the child but the family as well. My child is so excited every time he goes to the Robbin’s Nest. He has learned so much and has made wonderful friends. He LOVES his teacher Mrs. Traci and I would recommend her and the Robbin’s Nest to any and everyone!!!!!!”


“Both of my daughters attended this wonderful school. As a result, both were well prepared to enter the public school system. Robbins Nest went beyond my expectations. The administration and teachers are top notch. There is an emphasis on helping children to mature and accept challenges. The tuition is very attractive. I encourage all parents of pre-schoolers to visit this school. You’ll be glad you did!”


“We have had a wonderful experience at Robbin’s Nest. They have met all our expectations. We love the programs and the teachers are great. Our kids love coming to school.”


“Great school. My 2 children graduated from The Nest with 3rd grade reading and 2 grade math skills. Big thumbs up:)”


“How can I begin to thank Robbin’s Nest, as Hannah would say ‘for all the love and care’?  I remember searching every preschool within a 12 mile radius and how tentative I was about relinquishing my most precious child to anyone — I’m sure an emotion shared by most moms.  But Hannah and I soon adjusted and Robbin’s Nest became a trustworthy friend.  I cannot thank you all for nurturing my sweet girl.  The role you play is a vital one to the very structure of society, giving our children morals, ethics and personal responsibility.” 


An Open Letter of Thanks to the entire Robbin’s Nest Team

As the Miller family gets ready “to leave the nest,” and seeing as it is “Teacher Appreciation Week,” I thought it only fitting to take this opportunity to tell you how much we valued our time with you.  Robbin’s Nest has been the perfect fit for our family.  You have each helped in your own unique ways to teach both [our children].  We are so grateful and want each of you to know how much we appreciate the important work that you do.

Thank you for allowing my children to be curious and silly.
Thank you for nurturing their inherent love for learning.
Thank you for bandaging their boo boos.
Thank you for wiping away their tears.
Thank you for letting them play and enjoy the real “work” of childhood.
Thank you for praising their accomplishments.
Thank you for being brave enough to tell me when my kids did something wrong.
Thank you for teaching them values as well as colors and shapes and letters.
Thank you for helping me to instill in them the knowledge that they are valuable little people.

I never had a moment’s worry that my children were not getting what they needed from you.  In the nest, I knew they were warm and safe and valued, and learning, always learning in a variety of wondrous ways.  We will stay in touch.  We will miss you all.

With love and gratitude,

The Miller Family